Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is not simple

 This guy and his friends (by Marius Valdes)
will be part of the show

When I start telling folks about what I'm working on for Artista Vista, it rapidly expands both in conceptual and geographic scope. So let me try to spell it out in words and maybe it will be clear - even to me.

I am curating an installation art exhibition that will mainly be located in a building on Gervias Street with a couple things outside. The artist taking part are listed at the right and you can check out their work by clicking on their names. This opens for the AV gallery crawl the night of     April 28.

Another part of this project will be a photo show organized and shot by Heather Bauer and Barry Wheeler and it will be at Lewis and Clark's location on Huger St. behind One-Eared Cow Glass. The photos will be taken with hard-to-find Polaroid film of places in the Vista and right now Barry is working on a Smart phone connection that will give you more information about what's in the photo.

This will open for the gallery crawl April 28.

That night in a storefront window on Gervias, the Dr. Sketchy art group will be modeling. 
Both these shows will be open Friday and Saturday as well. On Friday, we'll have an informal walk through of the Gervais St. installations with some of the artists - and CUPCAKES.

To entice you back to the Vista, our shows and the exhibitions are other venues (City Art, Gallery 80808, Gallery at Dupre, if Art, Carol Saunders, Nonnah's), the USC Percussion Ensemble will give a free concert at City Art at 1 p.m.
We also hope that day to have some of the artists from the About Face art group sketching the glass artists at One-Eared Cow at work.

For much of the day Saturday, the graduate painting studios of the USC Art Department will be open - bet you didn't even know the art department was in the Vista, did you? The studios are located near Huger and Blossom streets (actually at the back of 718 Devine St. - not to be confused with the busy Devine St. shopping area adjacent to Shandon.)

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