Friday, May 18, 2012

Last week for Install It 2

In spite of all the rain, the artworks in Install It 2 are standing strong throughout the Congaree Vista. 
You still have a week to take in the exhibition and here's a look at what you'll find.
The exhibition remains on display through May 26. Se the map at the end for locations.
"Rangoli: Giant Bird Feeder" is naturally fading into the earth.

The figures in "Ascension" face both the Memorial Park and the Zion Baptist Church.

"I Have Loved You So Long" transforms a loading dock right on Gervais Street into an artwork.

 At the end of Senate Street, "Blue Spheres" connect to the river and ceramics industry.
 The towers of Adluh Flour serve as the backdrop - and more - for "Seven Doors."
 Art and nature merge with "Ghost Trees."

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