Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A behind the scenes look at works in process

Wendell George Brown constructing figures for Ascension.

The artists taking part in Install It 2 have in most cases been doing preliminary work on their pieces for several months. 
For all of them though the work isn't finished until it is installed at the site for which it was made. 
While several of the artists have been able to do a great deal of work in advance, most will also be doing much during the coming days. 
This is especially true for the Eileen Blyth and the team of Khaldoune Bencheikh and Mary How who are creating their pieces completely or mostly on-site. 


Virginia Scothie in her studio working on Blue Spheres.
Scotchie is a long-time professor at the USC Art Department who has shown her work and taught around the world.

Michaela Pilar Brown with portions of her installation. Brown recently was awarded residencies  at the Vermont Studio Center in and the McColl Arts Center in Charlotte, as well as a solo exhibition at the Harvey Gantt Center for African American Art and Culture in Charlotte. 

Wendell George Brown has taken his inspiration from African grave markers and sculptures. A quilter as well as a sculptor, his artwork  has been exhibited at the Japan International Quilt Show, the American Folk Art Museum in New York and the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington D.C.


Kara Gunter  attaching paper to real trees to create Ghost Trees.
A USC graduate, Gunter was in last year's Install It exhibition. Her next exhibition will be at Frame of Mind in Columbia opening in May.

Eileen Blyth gave us this glimpse of why she fell in love with the wall at Adluh Flour-Allen Bros. Milling Co. where her work will be installed. One might call this a sketch.  

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