Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Install It 2 will transform several locations around the Vista in just two weeks. Here are the sites where seven area artists will create installations for the exhibition. 


1. Rangoli: Giant Bird Feeder by Khaldoune Bencheikh and Mary How in collaboration with community members  

Lincoln and Lady streets





2. Ascension by Wendell George Brown
Church yard at Gadsden and Washington streets




3. Ghost Trees by Kara Gunter
Alleyway near Gadsden and Gervais





4. I Have Loved You So Long by Michaela Pilar Brown
Gervais Street near Gadsden




5. Seven Doors by Eileen Blyth
South Side of Gervais Street on Gadsden Street 


6. Blue Spheres by Virginia Scotchie
300 Senate (near river)

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