Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Work day two - less than two until the show opens

Two days out and Tuesday was the day most of the artists started making the big drive on their work. Everyone ran into a few of the expected snags for an exhibition that is in six different locations with a lot of other things going on all around them.

For instance Eileen Blyth was working close to a crowd of about 1,500 people at an outdoor concert. And the wind was blowing like crazy. There was a question of where one might plug in a drill.

A number of folks, including two small buses of small people, helped out on the Rangoli installation. You can too - just show up Wednesday or Thursday and help create this 50-by-50 sculpture of natural materials. If you'd like bring some of your own - flowers, pine cones, bird seed, sweet gum balls.

Eileen Blyth and crew starting to erect the steel at Adluh Flour and Allen Brothers Milling Co. She was very drawn to the shadows on the side of the building and with materials scavenged from around the Vista, she's creating some more.

The Rangoli: Giant Bird Feeder really started taking shape with some help from volunteers. The outline is flour and the fill is mulch and sand.

Michaela Pilar Brown arrived at the loading dock of City Market Art and Antiques with a very full car - balls of tire tread, balls of broken glass, pine tree limbs, blue wax and some wonderful little houses made of birch bark.

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